How Mainstream is the Twerk?

Michelle L’amour performs “BUTTHOVEN’S 5TH SYMPHONY” and further complicates the viability of the white woman twerking. But unlike Miley at the VMAs, something makes L’amour’s performance easy to consume without icky feelings of race-appropriation or irreverence. Arguably this is an effect of spoofing the twerk and undermining the Western canon. L’amour’s use of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony makes fun of elitist music taste while her butt moves without missing a note. And unlike Ms. Cyrus, the only prop is a bejewelled tie that sits on the lower back in the spirit of tongue in cheek. The appeal of this video is the result of mainstream music appropriating sub-cultural twerking and neatly channeling it towards the former-Hannah Montana to bring big gasps and shares online. And just when we thought it was finally over, a Burlesque dancer enmeshed in alternative representations re-appropriates the twerk.


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